Amy's journey to safety and freedom

Amy's journey began with a call to our 24-hour hotline about "a friend." She was hesitant to disclose any details about what her friend had been experiencing. Our understanding hotline counselor didn't press her with any questions, just provided information our services and how they might help her friend.

It's not your fault

Most importantly, our counselor assured Amy that her friend did not cause the abuse or deserve to be in an abusive relationship.

Amy called back a few days later to ask for more information about our Precinct Advocacy services. She said her friend was thinking about contacting the police because her partner had hit her. The counselor explained that when her friend reports the incident at the police precinct, our Precinct Advocate who works there would assist her with the process and advise her on ways to keep safe.

The truth comes out

At that point, Amy disclosed that she was calling for herself, not a friend. Our hotline counselor assured her that her reluctance is understandable and emphasized that we are here to assist her in exploring all of her options, not to tell her what to do.

Amy was linked to our Precinct Advocate that evening and filed the police report. Her boyfriend was arrested and the Precinct Advocate assisted her in obtaining an order of protection the following morning and also arranged to have a panic alarm installed in Amy’s home.

A new life

We provided Amy with assistance throughout the court process, through which she obtained a three-year order of protection against her ex-boyfriend. Amy recently informed us that she has not had any further contact with her ex-boyfriend and is moving into a new home. She reports that she finally feels safe and is at peace, free to move forward with her new life, free from abuse.