Not safe at home?

Is your partner abusing or threatening you? Don't wait! Safety and support are just a call away!
Call our 24-Hour Hotline: 631-666-8833

In response to COVID-19 LIADV’s Administrative Office will be

operating on a limited basis.

We know that these are stressful times for everyone and particularly dangerous circumstances for survivors of domestic violence, who will be further isolated during the pandemic.

Our hotline will continue to be a free, confidential resource

for survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault and their loved ones.

Call us anytime at 631-666-8833.

A pioneer in reaching out to victims and survivors of abuse on Long Island

L.I. Against Domestic Violence provides a range of services that help over 14,000 Long Island adults and children each year to escape from abusive relationships and build new lives. Founded in 1976, we are a regional pioneer and leader in empowering victims and survivors, providing them with shelter and support, and working with law enforcement and the community to prevent abuse.

"I have finally gotten out of my domestic violence situation and have my life back. You were a ray of hope in what seemed like a hopeless situation."

– LIADV client