Information Session for Friends and Family of Survivors



Thursday, August 26th 2021 6:30-8:30pm, via Zoom 

Have you ever wondered what you would say to someone if they were experiencing abuse in their relationship?

While in the community, our Outreach team is frequently asked:
"How can I help my friend?" or "I think my sister is in trouble, what should I say to her?"
Or even: "I'm a nurse (or teacher, or day care worker, etc.)
What if one of my patients (clients/customers) is experiencing this, should I step in?"
Join us for this important conversation and learn the best ways to
assist someone experiencing Intimate Partner Violence.
Attendance is free
and will include a
question & answer portion




For almost 45 years, L.I. Against Domestic Violence  (LIADV) has been a beacon of hope for those suffering from all forms of abuse at the hands of an intimate partner in Suffolk County.  Through a wide range of services, including our Safe Harbor Shelter, 24 hour hotline, Court and Precinct Advocacy Services, Counseling and Vocational Services, LIADV supports survivors in exploring their options and embarking on the path to a life free from abuse. Each year, LIADV serves over 9,000 adults, teens and children right here in Suffolk County.